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[11 Jun 2006|09:52am]

Still hanging out at iconcore?!?
I moved quite some time ago, and you can find me at hallowbots!!

Add me there :).
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GOODBYEEEE [19 Aug 2005|04:37pm]

[ mood | awake ]


Hello all! There is an end to all good (or bad? depends how you look at it) things. Today, it is the end of iconcore. But no worries. I have just moved to erasingyou, my joint icon journal with the lovely lovenote, who is the previous owner of heavenxsent. If you would still like to receive my updates, please REMOVE ICONCORE and just ADD ERASINGYOU. Thank you so much to everyone who has stuck by me over the past year and a half. You are all fantastic :*. Iconcore will still be here incase you still want icons here, but I will not be updating anymore.

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045 [02 Aug 2005|04:09pm]

[ mood | busy ]

There are tons on icons in here. Some new, but mostly ones I never got around to uploading and posting.

Comment, credit iconcore, and TEXTLESS ICONS ARE NOT BASES.

A Series of Unfortunate Events
Ashlee Simpson
Britney Spears
Charlize Theron
Lindsay Lohan
Nicky Hilton
Nicole Richie
Paris Hilton
Quinn Allman

31 36 104

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044 [20 Jul 2005|09:18pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Comment, credit, enjoy. TEXTLESS ICONS ARE NOT BASES. Also comment here to post pictures you would like see made into icons. I will be implementing tags soon to all the posts so you can use those instead of memories. There is also an HP&GoF manip. Woop.

Emma Watson
Hilary Duff
Jennifer Garner
Paris Hilton
HP&GoF Manip

03 04 21

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UPDATE! [11 Jul 2005|07:42pm]

Hey everybody. This is likeherheart on my new username! Sorry I've been dead lately. Have a lot going on, but I've made some icons that I will post soon. In the meantime, you can comment with a picture if you like, and I might make an icon of it. Can be a picture of anything you want, but please have it be good quality, and no requests, only pictures. I might use the picture, I might not. Anyways, hope everyone is doing well XD.

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